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   Welcome to  Orange Glass, an infused glass  website. Infused glass  have always been inspired by glass art design, architecture, and most notably Murano, Chihuly, Kosta Boda, and others. Traveling to Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the upper Northwest further created an interest in the talents of glass artists. One day, I decided to participate in an infused glass art class (melting glass together in a kiln to create an artistic design). This opened up a new world of creativity. Formerly, a career consultant and psychologist, I frequently asked the question of my students, "What has motivated you throughout life and what interests do you have?" Interestingly, I rarely took my own advice but soon realized that glass art is so much a part of our art collection. Why not try it?  Suddenly, the pandemic landed and forced the art studio where I take classes closes to close (Old Town Artisan Studios) but created an opportunity to explore creativity in glass art and design on the internet. I purchased a kiln, an entirely new adventure, and learned from other glass artists. Each piece that you see on this website is truly one-of-a-kind but can be made to order. I welcome your suggestions and am happy to create something especially for you or for a special occasion.


    Orange Glass is the name created for my glasswork and a personal reflection of our family's journey from life's challenges to success. Enthusiasm, hope, and never giving up, is the theme of our family's motto.


Peace and good health!


Karen and family ~

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